• HEAD OFFICE: Bizspace Business Park, Kings Road, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 2AL

Taybar Mobile Patrol Services delivers a professional service to customers nationwide. Our mobile patrols are a highly effective, visual and physical deterrent, used to move unauthorised people off site and deter theft. Security signage is also installed in and around the sites to give a visual deterrent to potential criminals. We provide Mobile Patrol Companies in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury, Leamington Spa and many more areas.

We can devise internal and external patrol routes to act as an effective deterrent, and these will be carried out randomly, so that the pattern of patrols remains ambiguous for any unwanted visitors.

Our fully trained SIA licensed mobile patrol officers wear highly recognisable security uniforms and drive company vehicles, which again act as a strong visual deterrent to unauthorised people on site, therefore reducing the likelihood of theft and vandalism. As well as deterring criminal activity, mobile patrols alert our licensed officers to the threat of fire, flood or other damaging incidents.

What we deliver:

  • On successful award of contract we conduct a site survey, we then tailor make security instructions based on your individual needs, creating a numbered walk through for guard instructions.
  • Our security personnel then conduct site inspections based on your individual instructions.
  • All details our recorded and stored in our offices and reports can be emailed through weekly monthly or annually.
  • In the event of an unforeseen circumstance which leads to vandalism, fire or a break-in, our security personnel will stay on site and liaise with all parties and only leave the premises once they have been instructed to do so.

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